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FCMA (Flux Conpensated Magnetic Amplifier)

At the motor starting, the voltage drop managed by the FCMA module is maximum and generated only by the starting current passing through the FCMA module coils.

The alternative current passing in the coils creates a MMF and a magnetic flux in the module. Alternative variation of the flux generates a EMF in opposition, we will use it to create a voltage drop at the FCMA module terminals.

With the motor speed increase, the motor CEMF will reduce the module voltage drop, increasing slightly the motor voltage to keep a constant starting current.


Zero harmonics


In opposition to the electronics device, the FCMA in serie with the motor control the amplitude of the signal, the FCMA design is done to be all time in the none saturated zone, the result is a perfect sinosoïdal current signal with zero harmonic.

The zero harmonic garranty to have the lowest starting current and no warming motor problem.

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