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InnovativeTechnomics Europe is a company that aims to solve electrical engine start-up problems by offering, our unique FCMA technology and expertise.
Our philosophy is to work in partnership with our customers, to study a solution, to optimize the installation, to secure the start-up of engines and to extend the life of electrical equipment by allowing them to use our Unique FCMA Soft Starter technology.
Our services include:

  • Study and validation of a solution according to the characteristics of the supply network, motor and driven equipment.
  • Design and manufacture of "FCMA Soft Starter" dedicated to the application studied.
  • Assistance with commissioning with the presence of one of our technicians from our companies in India or Europe.

All our starters are designed, manufactured and tested in compliance with IEC standards
In all fields of industry, InnovativeTechnomics Europe has been commended for using simple technology and reliable reliability.

Phone : +33 2 40 56 27 98