Motor Starting solution down to 1.5 x FLA with ERMC option

End to end solution for MV motor starting, from studying to commissioning

Our Company

Innovative Technomics as the name suggests is engaged in developing new products and technologies for the industry.

The company was founded on the principle of innovating technologies of international repute.

As a result, today we have developed a wide range of Soft Starters for pumping station to industrial applications and Defense. In each field, Innovative Technomics products have been acclaimed as unique in technology as well as in reliability.

MV Motor Starting - Our speciality

Our Soft Starters work on the principle of “Flux Compensated Magnetic Amplification” and they are very popularly known as FCMA Soft Starter. These are non electronic and hence fail-safe as well as totally maintenance free.

All our products are develloped and based on electromagnetism technology, our speciality.

Our products have helped customers in optimizing their total power system in addition to reducing the severity of electrical and mechanical stresses and increase in motor life.

Our Work

Our philosophy is to work in partnership with our customers to design the best solution for their unique motor starting requirements. We use the technology of our FCMA Soft Starters for this purpose. As a result we optimize our customer’s electrical installation, secure the driveline start and ensure a longer life for the electrical and mechanical equipment.

Our solutions include :

All our Soft Starters are designed, manufactured and tested in line with relevant clauses of IEC Standards.